Meanwhile in Southern California…

Since I live in Southern California it’s easy to forget that I’m in the midst of what many would consider a vacation destination. I don’t usually get to road trip on the weekends, but if I have time it’s nice to know that I can get somewhere absolutely stunning within under two hours guaranteed. I could even leave the country and head on over to Mexico if I wanted to (it’s on my bucket list). This past weekend I decided to play tourist and drive up to the LA area. Having grown up in the Bay Area, LA is somewhat of a tourist destination for me, but I’ve had family living in Los Angeles, so I’m not new to the area.

Side note, I absolutely love the drive back and forth between Los Angeles and San Diego. The San Onofre power plant is objectively ugly, but it’s shaped like two giant boobs, and honestly I laugh every time I see it. As you drive you have the palm tree lined shoreline on one side with a Pacific Ocean backdrop, and on the other side you’ve got rolling hills with communities, open space, or bodies of water.

One of my favorite spots in Southern California is Laguna Beach. It’s a community widely known for its love of art, and it lives up to the hype. Everywhere you look there’s some sort of mural or mosaic on a wall.

As you walk the streets there’s an art gallery every couple of stores, and each storefront has some sort of art, which is great if you’re a broke college student like me and all you can is look.

There’s a beautiful beach area where locals are lying out in the sun, playing basketball or hitting a volleyball back and forth while kicking up sand.

And if you’re willing to endure the pain of a few flights of stairs you’ll get a great view of the coastline.  There’s a beautiful gazebo perched on top of a cliff where you can take in the rolling waves, salty air and pretend that you don’t have a bunch of homework waiting for you at home.



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