Floral in France

One of my favorite things about France, besides the abundance of baguettes, was the beautiful gardening at the chateaus. But back to the baguettes for a second, seriously they were everywhere and I probably ate my body weight in bread. It was great. Anyways, every château had flowers everywhere you looked, which made the beautiful architecture seem even more impressive.

 Also, everywhere walked it smelled faintly of either lavender, roses or some kind of fruit. There were lots of lemon trees and I had a strong urge to pick some and make some homemade lemon curd.

 Taken at Château de Chenonceau.

Château de Chenonceau was probably my favorite, because although it didn’t have the most impressive gardens, the château is built going across a river, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Château de Villandry had the most impressive gardens. Looking out the windows of the château you overlooked a vast maze of hedges, ivy covered walls, tree lined paths, and of course, flowers.

 Once you stepped outside you were engulfed in it, and I felt like that girl in The Secret Garden-it was probably the ivy covered walls. I could’ve walked around for hours, taking pictures of every flower I saw, and I practically did.



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