Dancing on the Seine

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I won’t go into too much about who I am, you can check out the “About Me” section for that.

This first post is going to be dedicated to a moment I’ve been dying to relive. Living in California I see plenty of beautiful sunsets. I can’t imagine living on the east coast, I mean, they don’t get to watch the sun disappear over the ocean. Now, I’m sure they get beautiful oceanic sunrises, but the oranges, pinks, and purples of a sunset are just indescribable.

However, one of the best sunsets I ever witnessed was a Friday night in July in Paris.

Being typical tourists, we took a river cruise on the Seine and basked in the beauty of Paris at dusk. I’m not sure what made this sunset so special…

Maybe it was the building silhouettes against the skyline. They weren’t just square buildings with flat roofs, but rather arches, spirals, each building with too many chimneys to count. The sunset reflected on the river, and everyone walked along the edges of the river, as Parisians sat in the grass nearby picnicking and sipping wine with friends. Couples wandered by, hand in hand, oblivious to the rest of us. The air was warm and a light breeze blew through, causing my hair to hit my face as I sat atop the boat.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

As we glided down the river, you could hear music in the distance, and I soon came to realize that there were dance parties happening along the shoreline. Like a sophisticated outdoor nightclub, friends danced in the dimmed light to oldies and classic rock. As the sun dipped below the horizon the Van Gough effect was in full swing. Everything seemed to resemble “Starry Night”–the Paris street lights glittered and cast long reflections on the water. IMG_4878.JPGIMG_4880.JPGAs the boat passed under bridges, many of which were adorned with ornate statues, we neared closer to the ultimate Parisian tourist destination. As the top of the hour struck, the Eiffel Tower lit up, and a hush came over the boat, and it felt as though every person in the city was intently watching. IMG_4876.JPGIMG_4877.JPGAnd as the cruise came to a close, the sky faded to a deep, rich blue, and the music got louder, and street lamps seemed brighter. IMG_4879.JPG



2 thoughts on “Dancing on the Seine

  1. What an amazing post Anna! Truly gorgeous photos and it sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. When I eventually go to Paris I’m definitely doing on this cruise!! Great job on your first blog post 🙂


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